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gkellum wrote:

SadkenUK wrote:

bypassed / active doesn’t make any difference – signal sounds the same; as i say, all other pedals are working fine in that chain, just this one which seems to not be doing anything at the moment AFAIK – are there settings i can try to change on the pedal itself and test different configs that you could suggest?

So, you’re saying that regardless of whether the H9 is active or bypassed makes no difference;  the signal sounds dry regardless of whether it’s active or bypassed.  Could you check and make sure that the active LED is going on and off when you toggle between active and bypass?  It would be good to make sure that there’s no mechanical problem with that switch.  

And you’re experiencing this only with some presets or all presets?  If it’s only with some presets, it makes me wonder if you’ve set up your Max to use Pre/Post for example, and some presets are set to Post which would then pass input 1 to output 1 as a dry signal.  When this happens does changing the preset on the H9 itself make any difference?  It could be helpful to take a screenshot of the currently loaded preset in H9 Control just to see what it’s settings are if the problem is specific to particular presets…

Thanks for the reply – yes, exactly – signal appears dry regardless. LEDs etc are all functioning as expected, shows green when playing etc. Finding the issue with all presets AFAIK from the tests i’ve done. I can try and grab a screenshot later on this evening, but currently the pedal is working again – not changed anything really, just decided to start wokring again as expected…it’s not the first time, and obviously with some upcoming gigs etc i am concerned if it does it again!