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SadkenUK wrote:

Thanks for the reply – yes, exactly – signal appears dry regardless. LEDs etc are all functioning as expected, shows green when playing etc. Finding the issue with all presets AFAIK from the tests i've done. I can try and grab a screenshot later on this evening, but currently the pedal is working again – not changed anything really, just decided to start wokring again as expected…it's not the first time, and obviously with some upcoming gigs etc i am concerned if it does it again!

What you're describing is really unusual behavior, and sometimes unusual behavior is sometimes due to unusual reasons but sometimes there are usual reasons for unuseable behavior.  Did you update your H9 Max to the v5.2 release?  If so if I were you, I'd reset the H9s system settings by turning it off and turning it on again with the right footswitch and the HotKnob button pressed (the switch in the upper left hand corner of the H9).  Updating to the latest release caused some people some odd problems that clearing the system settings can resolve.  Also, be aware that improperly powering the H9 can cause odd behavior.  So, if you're not using the Eventide power supply, I'd make sure that it's being properly powered.