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serge20261 wrote:
I have dialled in a shimmer patch,which I call up with an RJM Switcher,it makes such a loud sound, like feedback on steroids,at the moment all other patches are fine. I've checked the patch can't see why,one moment it was working fine,I'd go to another patch and back to the shimmer,it honestly felt like the speaker was going to disintegrate its that loud,even with low amp volume.Im running the latest firmware.lm gigging this week,and a bit worried that this behaviour may spread to other presets. Any suggestions


When, EXACTLY, does this loud sound occur, all the time, only when you load it, etc?  Is it reproducible or intermittent?  Are you using any of the new routing features, pre/post or wet/dry?  Also, does it matter what type of preset you are coming from (e.g. TremoloVerb to Shimmer creates the loud noise, but Chorus to Shimmer doesn't)? 

You might want to back up presets, and initialize the unit as first resort to see if that clears up the problem.