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When, EXACTLY, does this loud sound occur, all the time, only when you load it, etc?  Is it reproducible or intermittent?  Are you using any of the new routing features, pre/post or wet/dry?  Also, does it matter what type of preset you are coming from (e.g. TremoloVerb to Shimmer creates the loud noise, but Chorus to Shimmer doesn't)? 

You might want to back up presets, and initialize the unit as first resort to see if that clears up the problem. 


The sound only occurs when loaded,I’ll have a closer look regarding what effect I’m coming from,but I do have 2 or 3 shimmers in various settings
Which behave the same.Having said all of that you may be on to something,most of my Shimmers are used for Intros,I’m using a setlist,when I bank to the next song,the shimmer is the first preset of the song,can’t recall any problem,when I’m banking thru the presets is where I’m having problems unfortunately the unit is at the studio atm,if any help the effects I use are Spring reverb,delays,some plate reverb all moderate settings
Nothing erratic,my routing is all set to normal