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Many thanks to Greg and spaceJam for following through on this.  It’s a document that I’d always wanted to put together, but never seemed to budget the time for.  I had some kind of graphical reprsentation of the Effect patterns in mind as well.  I’ll try adding the ‘table’ designations to these pitch sequences, and see how that all comes out in a .pdf.

spaceJam wrote:

…Perfect! Is all I need.

I’ll make them bigger and will share back just in case someone else want them.

It would have been nice if these were imported into the H9 somehow. 


Maybe not on the H9, but I’m ‘seeing’ a PIP window in H9 Control.  It only pops up the appropriate pattern graphic while adjusting one of the sequence parameters, then fades out.  I don’t know how practical that would be on a small screen / iPhone, though.