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nickrose wrote:

Our Sales department says:

You may need another H9 ….


That’s cute.

But H9 has a few things going against it. There are other effects units that can do multieffects at much lower cost of ownership. I bought a H9 Core, and by the time I qualify for H9 Max I will have spent almost $1,000. Even at that point it is arguably a $1,000 mono effect device, which means, for any given moment, in order to use 1 algorithm I needed to spend a $1,000. The total cost of ownership for 1 algorhithm is actually far less if one doesn’t spend too much money on H9 ecosystem. Right now I think I’ve spent a little less than $500 in total, and still, so it’s costing me $500 at any given moment to run 1 algorithm. Quite expensive.

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H9 sound quality is probably superior (but, is that **really** true?), but I’m thinking more and more it’s not several hundred dollars superior. I wish Eventide would completely wow H9 owners with the kind of things not available on other devices, and make it easier to buy in and stay in the ecosystem.

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