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I wanted to express the opposing viewpoint; once I bought the H9MAX, being able to buy successive H9Core and have the entire algorithm set available to each one was a terrific idea. Even though I have a large gaggle of Moogerfoogers, I don’t use any of them for guitar pedal’s anymore. Instead I have a set of 5 H9’s, and the ability to utilize anyone of the possible H9 algorithms in any order, not only obviates having any other pedals, but the the sheer number of possible effects chains is awesome! One favorite is 4 liquid chorus’s followed by a light plate reverb – oooooo so thick! I rarely turn to my H8000FW, H3000 D/SE or GTR 4000 anymore for guitar effects. There just so many incredible sounds, and the configuration is dead simple; just hook them up and a couple of spare iPad’s later, you’re making delight!