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silver_mica wrote:

I don’t know exactly what John Schofield uses, but this reminded me of his sound – when used with the expression pedal.   The attached image shows a screen capture of my  H910 H949 preset.   

I couldn’t figure out how to embed an image yesterday – the embedded image below is the same image file in the attachment of my last post above. The default settings provide a light amount of detuning as shown below – upon turn-on and with no expression pedal connected these are the default settings.  

The expression pedal will adjust the mix from 0 to 49 while, at the same time, detuning Pitch A and Pitch B more as the mix level increases.  

Expression Pedal at 0 (heal):   Mix=  0, Pitch A=1.000 & Pitch B=1.000

Expression Pedal at 100 (toe): Mix=49, Pitch A=1.021 & Pitch B=0.981

Here is the screen capture (default settings):