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BertVivie wrote:

Bought a H9 Core and Max for our band, and need to know how you can move a algoritme from the Max to the Core.

When you go through the registration process, all of the algorithms will be installed to the Core.  Some users have been confused by the fact that the preset list stays the same on the Core.  If you want, you can download the H9 Max preset list from the Downloads section of the H9 Control product page and install it to your Core (eventideaudio.com/h9control).  Or alternatively, you could save the preset list off of your Max to your PC using H9 Control and then save it to your Core.  This video gives a good into to working with presets in H9 Control: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHXCu9H0Jek

BertVivie wrote:

What is a good subset of Algorhitmes for a Bass player.

One of our DSP engineers used to be a professional bass player, and in this video he talks about some of his favorite algorithms for bass: