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SadkenUK wrote:
Just to clarify – are you talking about there being a need for an Aux switch to drive 2 H9s, or can you hook one up to the other via a midi cable directly or something to allow pedal 1 to automatically switch presets on pedal 2 when you go up or down between presets?

The latter. You can connect two or more H9s via MIDI, sync the clocks to one unit then use it to control presets on all of them. There are some compromises you have to make, it’s not quite as flexible as a full on MIDI controller but it’s very serviceable. I’m tied up this afternoon but may have some time this evening to write up something. Everything is covered pretty well in the Eventide manuals but I think some of the pedal’s functionality gets overlooked because it’s not yet available via the app. Eventide really ought to address that.