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You’ve got a lot of options to make this easier.  The H9 Control app would be my first choice.  Create a new Preset List for H9 #1, another new Preset List for H9 #2, and Edit List to drag & drop matching presets into the same location on each Preset List.

Save both to disk, load them into H9 #1 and #2, experiment with list variations, …  Build up small set lists, and combine them into a larger Preset List catalog.  Limit the Preset Range if you only want to rotate through – say,- 16 presets.

You can also do this with MIDI Maps.  Sketch out the preset numbers from H9 #1 plus H9 #2.  MIDI mapping will pair H9 #1 Preset 01 with H9 #2 Preset 44, or any other valid combination, and you can set it all up in one place.  Actually, in two places, so we need to jump ahead to how you’re going to connect up the two H9’s.

If you want to leave the MIDI Controller out of the equation, you can configure H9 #1 to XMIT, H9 #2 to THRU, same MIDI Channel.  Run a MIDI cable from H9 #1 MIDI OUT/THRU to H9 #2 MIDI IN.  Use MIDI CLK OUT on H9 #1 to drive H9 #2 MIDI CLK IN.  You’ll still want to use MIDI Maps, but you can change either (or both) XMT.MAP on H9 #1, and RCV.MAP on H9 #2.  Align your presets for each H9, and selecting an H9 #1 preset will bring up the matching H9 #2 preset.

You’ll have even more capabilities with your MIDI controller as the ‘master’ [then set both H9’s to OUTPUT : THRU].  I’m not familiar with that model, but many MIDI controllers can be “MIDI-mapped’ themselves.  Or, for example, send CC messages to control H9 parameters.  A single footswitch may send one Program Change over one MIDI Channel [H9 #1], and another Program Change number on a 2nd MIDI Channel [H9 #2]. That would get you where you need to go.  It also adds another level of complexity, so … it’s all in what you’re trying to accomplish.  To recap:

  • Easiest Preset Matching: H9 Control app
  • Hono(u)rable Mention:  MIDI Maps
  • Simplest routing: H9 #1 transmits to H9 #2 receiver.
  • Most versatile:  MIDI controller ‘master’ to H9 #1 and #2 ‘slaves’