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      Hi there,

      I’ve got 2 H9s (1 x Standard and 1 x MAX) running in a stereo rig. Both of the H9s are in my effects loop.

      I’m currently trying to do the following and wondered what people thought the best way of doing it was:

      I want to have it so that I can change presets on the first h9 in my effects loop and have the second h9 change to a different pre-select preset depending on the song i am playing etc. e.g. select shimmer preset on pedal 1, automatically have tape delay preset selected on pedal 2 etc.

      I’ve just picked up a Peak FCB4N2 Midi controller but this is a bit of a pain to get working and will mean i need to have all of my presets ‘lined up’ in pairs between the pedals on corresponding Id’s – e.g. shimmer and delay both need to be on preset 1 slot on their corresponding pedals.

      All i want to be able to do is select one present for whichever song and have a certain tone between the pedals enabled…

      Any suggestions appreciated…not worries if it doesn’t need Midi to make this work, just whatever people suggest or opinions is great!



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      You’ve got a lot of options to make this easier.  The H9 Control app would be my first choice.  Create a new Preset List for H9 #1, another new Preset List for H9 #2, and Edit List to drag & drop matching presets into the same location on each Preset List.

      Save both to disk, load them into H9 #1 and #2, experiment with list variations, …  Build up small set lists, and combine them into a larger Preset List catalog.  Limit the Preset Range if you only want to rotate through – say,- 16 presets.

      You can also do this with MIDI Maps.  Sketch out the preset numbers from H9 #1 plus H9 #2.  MIDI mapping will pair H9 #1 Preset 01 with H9 #2 Preset 44, or any other valid combination, and you can set it all up in one place.  Actually, in two places, so we need to jump ahead to how you’re going to connect up the two H9’s.

      If you want to leave the MIDI Controller out of the equation, you can configure H9 #1 to XMIT, H9 #2 to THRU, same MIDI Channel.  Run a MIDI cable from H9 #1 MIDI OUT/THRU to H9 #2 MIDI IN.  Use MIDI CLK OUT on H9 #1 to drive H9 #2 MIDI CLK IN.  You’ll still want to use MIDI Maps, but you can change either (or both) XMT.MAP on H9 #1, and RCV.MAP on H9 #2.  Align your presets for each H9, and selecting an H9 #1 preset will bring up the matching H9 #2 preset.

      You’ll have even more capabilities with your MIDI controller as the ‘master’ [then set both H9’s to OUTPUT : THRU].  I’m not familiar with that model, but many MIDI controllers can be “MIDI-mapped’ themselves.  Or, for example, send CC messages to control H9 parameters.  A single footswitch may send one Program Change over one MIDI Channel [H9 #1], and another Program Change number on a 2nd MIDI Channel [H9 #2]. That would get you where you need to go.  It also adds another level of complexity, so … it’s all in what you’re trying to accomplish.  To recap:

      • Easiest Preset Matching: H9 Control app
      • Hono(u)rable Mention:  MIDI Maps
      • Simplest routing: H9 #1 transmits to H9 #2 receiver.
      • Most versatile:  MIDI controller ‘master’ to H9 #1 and #2 ‘slaves’

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      brock said it best – my two cents if I were to pick ‘best’ from his list is a programable midi controller.  I use a gcp gcx pair – there are others that are better, and worse.  Net Net – I have it setup for use so that it:

      Can control all of my stompboxes (compressors, dirt pedals etc) – either as a single on off or in relation to a song set list (meaning a single button controls all pedals and thier effects)

      Can control my stereo amp setup (2 H 9s in the effects loop like yours) kicking them in or out individualy in relationship to a patch or a set list

      Can control the patches and recall together or individualy in those 2 H9s by a single request or a set list

      Can control all the above TOGETHER individuall or in a set list

      I also have a third H9 that front ends the two amps.  The amps normally get the verbs n echos, the front end gets the special stereo chorusy, pitch affected types.- which I tend to favor.

      This allows me to dial in all the effects in songs and sequences inside songs (‘song a’ verse, ‘song a chorus’ – and ALSO gives me the complete flexability to go into a “by unit by patch” selection mode while in the studio or dinking around finding way way way cool new sounds.  

      I went with the 2 H9 inserts because I wanted ground loop isolation – and I use them 75% of the time with the same patch.  The front end unit controls the midi time clock and that clock is controlled by a remote tap tempo.   That said – I have a heck of a patch that kicks a verb on the front end, a 12 string on one amp and a harmonizer effect on the other.   If needed for a performance and one of them fails (so far not in a year of hard hard work),  I can ‘make due’ with two for an evening or two.  

      The reason I chose the gcpgcx is (while not completely flexible, up to 5 pedals at a time)  – I don’t have to ‘line up’ any patch on a set of units.  It reduces the cable length of the entire system by 90%, and that really pays off in reducing noise without gating.   Thats important because some of the work I do is highly dynamic. I program in, by patch or by individual button,.  I am not endorsing the gcpgcx but in my own personal experience, they were a perfect pick for my needs.

      Hope you find what you need – or it finds you.  Take care..


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      I use the Disaster Area DMC-6 to do what you’re wanting. Easy to set up and you don’t need to line up the presets “lined up” as you describe.  For instance you can have one program to call up Preset 11 from the first H9 and Preset 87 from the second; then press another button and pull up preset 65 on first and 38 on the second…and so on.  You have room to store about 400 preset combinations, I believe, but I’ve only got maybe 50 at the moment. The instructions were well written and straightforward, but when I ran into a question I got a very fast and helpful response from them. 

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