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brock said it best – my two cents if I were to pick ‘best’ from his list is a programable midi controller.  I use a gcp gcx pair – there are others that are better, and worse.  Net Net – I have it setup for use so that it:

Can control all of my stompboxes (compressors, dirt pedals etc) – either as a single on off or in relation to a song set list (meaning a single button controls all pedals and thier effects)

Can control my stereo amp setup (2 H 9s in the effects loop like yours) kicking them in or out individualy in relationship to a patch or a set list

Can control the patches and recall together or individualy in those 2 H9s by a single request or a set list

Can control all the above TOGETHER individuall or in a set list

I also have a third H9 that front ends the two amps.  The amps normally get the verbs n echos, the front end gets the special stereo chorusy, pitch affected types.- which I tend to favor.

This allows me to dial in all the effects in songs and sequences inside songs (‘song a’ verse, ‘song a chorus’ – and ALSO gives me the complete flexability to go into a “by unit by patch” selection mode while in the studio or dinking around finding way way way cool new sounds.  

I went with the 2 H9 inserts because I wanted ground loop isolation – and I use them 75% of the time with the same patch.  The front end unit controls the midi time clock and that clock is controlled by a remote tap tempo.   That said – I have a heck of a patch that kicks a verb on the front end, a 12 string on one amp and a harmonizer effect on the other.   If needed for a performance and one of them fails (so far not in a year of hard hard work),  I can ‘make due’ with two for an evening or two.  

The reason I chose the gcpgcx is (while not completely flexible, up to 5 pedals at a time)  – I don’t have to ‘line up’ any patch on a set of units.  It reduces the cable length of the entire system by 90%, and that really pays off in reducing noise without gating.   Thats important because some of the work I do is highly dynamic. I program in, by patch or by individual button,.  I am not endorsing the gcpgcx but in my own personal experience, they were a perfect pick for my needs.

Hope you find what you need – or it finds you.  Take care..