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Hi Eventide. 


I know this is kind of an older thread, and it’s 2016 so I hope I’m not flogging a dead horse, but I wanted to share some of my ideas. I really feel bad about all the negativity and bickering you’ve recieved on the issue of H9 Control for Android. I hope to offer some suggestions in a more productive and proactive mannor.


I am also an Android user and would love to have H9 control for both my Nexus 6 phone and Nexus 7 tablet. My choice to use Android is mostly out of principle: I prefer the openness of the platform to Apples “gatekeeper to the walled garden” philosophy. Specifically, I can install 3rd party software from wherever I choose without jailbreaking the device.


As a software developer myself, I understand your pain in porting this software to another platform. You recently went as far as to extend an invite to the community to apply for a job in porting it. That’s a positive attitude and a step in the right direction if you ask me. 


Continuing in that spirit, I wonder if you’ve considered REALLY opening the problem to the community. By that, I mean, since the H9 Control software is not a commercial product in and of itself, why not open up the codebase to the open source community? I could imagine many more developers could be attracted if the C++ code were placed onto Github.


Now, just as I ask this, I imagine a number of issues to my proposal. The most obvious of these is the algorithm purchase procedure, and the reliance on the iOS app store for in-app purchases. However, I don’t see this problem as an insurmountable one. If the store functionality could somehow be modularized and excluded from the open source portion, I’m sure Android users would be contend with a version of the app where they are only able to control their H9, knowing that they will have to purchase new algorithms via a Mac or PC.


Unfortunately, C++ is not in my arsenal of skills, so I cannot take up the challenge. The closest I could come to helping on Android is Java. But I hope you consider opening the source as a serious option, and I look forward to further updates on the (hopefully continued) progress of H9 Control for Android.