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Just want to add my $.02 – as a happy owner of 2 H9 pedels ( Max+Standard) and one who is wanting an authentic univibe sound , I really don’t want to drop another $300+ to get “that sound”.

Heres the Challenge ….

Having read up on the original Univibe and having an understanding of both analog electronics (BSEE by degree)  and DSP programming ( many years a coder and having managed a team of DSP coders)  I realize the difficult engineering task it is to emulate the unique analog circuitry of a univibe in the digital domain.  In fact, all of the currently manufactured “best of breed”  univibes are ALL analog.  (Note: The only decent, but not considered best of breed DSP/digital one that I have found is the one by TC)

From what I have observed EVENTIDE == Studio quality – best in breed effects .

Speculation …

My guess is that the R&D team has worked on and/or is working on it, but that the powers that decide what becomes a product have not been happy with the results and that it is still under development.

Finally  I realize that all high tech companies never disclose what is in the development pipepline – legal departments never allow it 🙂

Ever Hopeful …

Having said all of that, I am sitting on the fence waiting hopeing that at the NAAM show that is in 2 weeks, EVENTIDE will make all of us insanely happy with an annoucement  or I will have to go by one of the best in breed pedals while I continue to wait….

Thanks for letting me get this off of my chest 🙂