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@n13l5, I’m not adept at finding android apps, so I can’t give you any direct recommendations. But iOS has an app called “TB MIDI Stuff”, that allows you to create control surfaces and assign CC values to them such that, you could control the front panel knobs on the H9 [KB0-KB9] via midi. The apps has a set of control types; toggle, slider, knobs, etc… That you can create in any position on the control surface to directly mimic the H9Control apps placement. However, I can’t find anything like that for Android.

Perhaps that answer to @Guitarlessons suggestion is to have people work on an app that does that plus create a framework for selecting algorithms, and managing control name labels, etc… to complete an full featured emulation/analog of H9Control, rather than wait an unknown period of time for Eventide to assign resources to porting H9Control to Android. All the pieces are there to create a useful tablet app that provides value for Android if folks want to commit time to it. All you need are the people, and someone to architect the app, and manage the project. The app I’m proposing doesn’t look like it’s a very complicated project, and it would provide a significant component of functionality minus the Store, Pedal and Setting’s segment of H9Control. For performance it would fit the bill once the H9 was setup with a Mac or PC to fit the model.