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Hi gkellum
Thanks for the response. I did read that article and it’s ironic I am getting the reverse! So using the ‘correct’ cable (TRS to 2 mono jacks) gets me the ‘strange mysterious’ reaction including the 0-100-0 calibration but the straight TRS to TRS actually works fine and gets the corr ct operation but there is no way of modifying the set up to use an additional aux footswitch.

The boss FV500L is a volume and an expression pedal and is sold as such. However, having taken it apart this evening, internal modification looks risky without causing irreversible damage.

What do you think of the idea of replacing one of the mono jacks (on the ‘correct’ lead) with a stereo jack? My thinking is that the mono Jack must be connecting to 2 connections plus the tip. By replacing it with a TRS, I might get the 2 signals the h9 needs (which I get when I use a TRS to TRS)

Spacejam: thanks for the suggestion mate but I don’t really want to go down the midi route. If Eventide and I can come up with a cunning plan to easily toggle up and down I will be happy. I am planning on having some 20-30 presets for our set- it just makes navigation so much easier.