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Come to think of it, you can pull off the iconic descending vocal line from “Fame”.  With the luxury of a spare hand, there’s more control using a MIDI keyboard (through an event processor) to convert actual notes to the corresponding pitch shifts.

But you can also use a MIDI pedalboard / controller that transmits MIDI CC messages by footswitch, or by sequencing.  Or by sending discrete values to the expression pedal / CV input.  The ‘readable’ image is too large for a forum post, so here’s a ‘thumbnail’ with a link to the CC process.  Shifting via MIDI Notes requires a bit more hardware and programming.

Higher Resolution:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/2mdyyuljav8hqpv/PitchFactor%20H910-H949%20Remote%20-%20MIDI%20CC%20Values.jpg?raw=1