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Giacomo Cicirello wrote:

I am experimenting with another pedal a Pigtronix Philosopher King which has an CV output ( The range is approx. 2VDC > 12VDC).

I have read Timefactors Expression Pedal input supports control voltage inputs from 0V to 3V …

It’s a worthy pursuit.  You’d have a programmable ASR envelope – controlled by audio input – that’s capable of modulating any parameter mapped to the expression pedal input.  It could also ‘loop’ modulation, using waveforms with variable slopes.  I put a little thought into breadboarding a voltage divider / regulator for that CV conversion, but never followed through.

If this is an option for you, you might want to consider contacting Pigtronix directly.  Recently, I’ve read of an in-house pedal mod that converts 2-12 VDC to the Moog CV range [0-5V].  It isn’t much of a stretch to drop that to a 0-3V range.  If it’s not too-too pricey, I’d consider sending in my own Philosopher King for that kind of mod.