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niedec wrote:

Wow. Paj, you wren’t kidding when you described your process as a sanity-saver. Thanks for all the help. 🙂

Happy to pass it on. The tip was given to me by SeaGTGruff on the HomeRecording.com forum after I posted a “Is it just me?” thread because I was having iLok issues. BTW, the iLok issue was also, of course, affecting other vendors’ plugins from working and they didn’t necessarily give error messages that pointed to iLok, but iLok was what it was. I can’t yet say for sure but restarting the PACE services even seems to have a longer-lasting effect than the uninstal-reboot-reinstall-reboot-reauthorize hassle. It’s weird that the PACE website doesn’t reference this fix—I have the definite impression that it indeed is not just me.