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brock wrote:

50 presets: five each from the ModFactor's ten algorithms.  It's part of  this weekend's project to explore all of the H9 modulation capabilities, and compare results using different algorithms & 'Factor sources… Just let me know if there are any problems loading this Preset List into the H9 Control app.

That's an awesome list brock!  Thanks for contributing it.  I had trouble importing it into H9 Control on my mac, but I renamed the h9z file extension to zip and it unzipped fine.  I'm trying to figure out why H9 Control is having trouble importing the h9z file though.  It seems that it's having trouble understanding the header for the h9z file and getting the names of the files included in the zip.  Could you tell how you generated the file?  You're working on Windows I believe, no?  What OS version are you running?  You just used the normal "export preset list" function in the preset list screen to export the h9z file?

Here's a link to the rebuilt h9z file which should import fine when dragged and dropped on H9 Control: