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Greg, it’s indeed Windows 8.1, on an i7-3630QM @ 2.40 Ghz 6GB laptop.  It’s virtually dedicated to my rack and pedalboard for control.  I generated the List with More -> Export preset list from the Presets List Options.  In hindsight, I did add a few “trailing periods” on the file name itself [ Yeah, But The Modulation FX …h9z ]. I don’t know if that constituted illegal characters.

I did have a few H9 Control crashes after the Preset List was compiled.  That is, I usually go through each of the presets & fine-tune; checking for screwups.  Sorry I didn’t note the crash dialogues [ H9 Control stopped working … ].  I was ‘in the zone’, and kind of flying through everything.  The process was swapping between Preset List and Preset, checking the expression mappings, wet/dry mix tweaks, etc.  Then hit Save (under Preset), and H9 Control would immediately give up the ghost.

That happened maybe a dozen times out of a hundred operations, if that.  Funny thing, I didn’t lose any of the tweaks, so it did complete the Save.  Relaunched the app, and everything was right where I left it.  Save again, and it was fine.  Return to the Preset List.  I’m saturating you with my process details, in case something turns out applicable.

Plus, there’s easily another 100 or so related presets to follow, so I need to get it right.