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I had trouble with the first “mod fx” preset list too, it crashed H9 control several times. (Win 8.1) I renamed it and got it to load. I am not sure why the original file size was 105kb but once I saved and renamed it then re exported it it was only 53kb like most of my preset list files, even after I expanded it from 50 presets to 100 presets with the second 50 as duplicates to easily modify while preserving the first 50 for reference. .I have uploaded the tested and working preset list to Dropbox as “Mod FX by Brock” and attached for direct upload below.

Excellent work once again, Brock. Your contributions alone have made the H9 system worth the investment, period. Hopefully we will see the new TimeSpace algo a few parsecs from now, prepare to lead us in exploring the galaxy Commander Brock!