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KCStratMan wrote:

I had trouble with the first “mod fx” preset list too, it crashed H9 control several times. (Win 8.1) I renamed it and got it to load. I am not sure why the original file size was 105kb but once I saved and renamed it then re exported it it was only 53kb like most of my preset list files, even after I expanded it from 50 presets to 100 presets with the second 50 as duplicates to easily modify while preserving the first 50 for reference.

I’m catching hell on this.  At first, I thought it was a Windows / Mac issue, but you and I are holding out, at Windows 8.1.  So I just updated H9 Control 2.6.0 (for the SpaceTime algo), and went back through the preset list process repeatedly.  Dragging & dropping (or Importing) my own .h9z files kept returning “contains no presets or presets list” errors.  This after renaming, re-saving, etc.  Then I started rebuilding the same preset lists from scratch, using the original user presets.

But you provided a key clue.  The presets list file size kept increasing with every action; each one adding the original file size to the new total.  I got up to around 153-175K for 30 presets, in a size-limited list.  Obviously, something’s wrong here.  It’s as if a ‘blank’ list gets appended onto each rename, save-over, or re-export action.

KCStratMan wrote:
I have uploaded the tested and working preset list to Dropbox as “Mod FX by Brock” and attached for direct upload below.

Thanks, KC; I appreciate the assist.  Perhaps the moderators would consider replacing my broken preset list with a working one, as I can’t edit the link out on my own. But I may be onto what’s going on here, or at least figuring out how to avoid it again [ for example: Quit tweaking & fine-tuning them! ].

KCStratMan wrote:
Excellent work once again, Brock. Your contributions alone have made the H9 system worth the investment, period. Hopefully we will see the new TimeSpace algo a few parsecs from now, prepare to lead us in exploring the galaxy Commander Brock!

At first, the same craziness went on here.  I made sure that I followed all of the ‘rules’ on the new update(s),  I believe that I actually repeated some of the installs and restorations; just to be certain.  But the preset lists still showed signs of growth hormone injections.  So I started over again from scratch, and managed to export (and successfully re-import) 30 SpaceTime presets.  File size holding around 27K.  Fingers crossed.  If you get the chance, give them a test drive (in an upcoming thread).