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This algorithm is certainly capable of some overpowering, in-your-face effects.  But I’m starting to seek out the more subtle aspects.  It’s just as easy to float your input on top of some really nice (and barely-there) atmospheres.

I think the key to programming SpaceTime is to approach it without preconceived notions.  You know what’s in it – modulation, two delays, and reverb.  But the hidden ‘effect’ – the 4th dimension – is the integrated mini-mixer.  Even with all three components at minimal or neutral settings, you can blend in levels to achieve richly delicate effects.  Once you get your head around the Pedal View, it’s an intuitive way to dial in parameter values.

The uniqueness comes from how it’s all arranged, but also from the series / parallel shifts, two very different Feedback implementations, INF and FREEZE capability.  There’s an amazing amount of variation & range in the modulation section alone.