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That’s an apt description (for your presets, and the SpaceTime algo as a whole).  Very nice stuff.  It’s great to see the different approaches that people take when programming presets.  Notice how smoothly the Delays crossfade when sweeping between values?  At first, I thought that it might be masking from the reverb, but modulations of delay times sound very good in isolation.  I based a few of my own presets on that high tolerance for pedal abuse.

I managed to sneak in Golden Ratios, as well [HotSwitch option in that ‘Bigsby Berkeley’ preset].  I was always pretty skeptical of Fibonacci hype, and yet they keep showing up in more & more of my presets.  I see that you included HotSwitch programming in those presets.  If I can ask:  Were they ‘residual’ HotSwitch settings, or 100%  intentional?  Difficulties programming in the settings?  I ask because of past HotSwitch quirks, and possibly the same for SpaceTime.

I’ve taken on a new process for HotSwitch programming.  I’m finding it more reliable to create a ‘blank’ neutral preset for each algorithm.  Minimum or average settings for each parameter; no expression pedal mappings; zeroed HotSwitch settings.  Not only does it give me a ‘tabula rasa’ programming template to start from, but I don’t seem to get caught up with parameter values that don’t stick to the HotSwitch.  I haven’t used this system with all of the algorithms yet, but it’s in progress.