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I have noticed that all along too. When importing new presets or preset lists full of presets, or when creating a new preset by altering and renaming an existing preset, usually a new user preset number – the next open number in sequence – is assigned, but fairly often the new preset will duplicate an existing number and occasionally blank numbers are skipped, so a few preset slots are “wasted” but this has never been a practical problem as it does not affect preset assignment to preset lists or anything it just makes for inconsistent cataloging. Sometimes I rename and create a new preset until it has the next sequential number and then delete any duplicate or out of sequence preset numbers to clean up the lists. But how to fill in skipped numbers so not to waste open slots or manually re-number existing presets to unused numbers? I have am curious, what is the maximum number of presets per effects algorithm and maximum number of preset lists allowed by H9 Control?