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brock wrote:

I should’ve mentioned this earlier.  Those downloads got me wondering if the User preset number is contained in the Save process, then subsequently recognized on import.  If I’m remembering correctly, I used drag ‘n’ drop that time around.

KC’s Space Fib imported at ser 32.  I believe I was at User preset 31 already, so I didn’t see that as unusual.  But KC’s Bounce Time preset landed at 1, where I already had a user preset.  So, duplicate User numbers; completely different preset structures.

Yes, that seems to be the problem/bug. I think Startmans preset was imported as U31 or U32 (I don’t remember exactly) on my H9. But now I can’t save anything from U12 (my last saved preset) till U31. I would make more sense if the imported would be imported after the last saved preset. I am confused by this!!! is it a bug?