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You probably could come in DIN MIDI and go out DIN MIDI, but this would require a DIN MIDI adaptor for your iPad, and, we have not tested this witth multiple units.

I am controlling both my H9’s completely with good old DIN MIDI. For both units the MIDI is daisy chained and that works very well, although SysEx dumps are giving problems if the first H9 is sending SysEx data and the second H9 is not set for MIDI thru and a different Sys ID. If MIDI merge is used on the second H9 it crashes completely while processing the MIDI SysEx data from the H9 upstream. It is to much data to process…

I have good results with the Neusonic uMIDI/022 MIDI adapter and the Terrasoniq MIDI ONE USB MIDI Cable Interface, both combined with the camera kit, the Quicco Sound mi.1 wireless MIDI Adapter and the all new Yamaha MD-BT01 wireless MIDI adapter. The two wireless MIDI Adapters can not be used without some help powering them as the H9 does not provide MIDI power on the output though and both these units depends on it! But it can be done and it works very stable in my rig.

I have attached a layout of my pedalboard MIDI setup.