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Eventide Staff
zachhord wrote:

When I attempt to scroll down from preset #1, aka go to preset #13 which is my highest allowed preset number, H9 shows "No Alg". If I scroll down one more time, it will take me to the tuner. 

When I'm on my highest set preset, #13, and attempt to scroll up, it just keeps going up to 99. 

Is there something in Midi settings or general settings I am missing? I am controlling 2 h9's with a disaster area dpc 5. They are accepting tap tempo, bypass on/off, and midi thru to other pedals behind them. 

For now I think I'm going to go back to a previous version for my gigs this weekend but let me know if there's something simple I can do.

Thanks for the help! 


Hi zachhord,


A few quesitons: 


1. Does the H9 exhibit the same problems when you scroll with the H9 footswitch (not using MIDI)? 

2. What should the Algorithms be for your presets 1 and 13 when you see the "No Alg" ? 

3. Not a question, but make sure you don't have a MIDI CC or PC accidentally assigned to Tuner somehow.  You can load the Tuner with either MIDI CC or PC.  You'll want to check on the H9 as well as double check what your dpc5 is sending.