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tlongabaugh wrote:

I’m guessing when you’re referring to the feedback loop, you mean the “all-encompassing” loop for all eight voices, since there is feedback available for each individual voice? I certainly think this is a good idea, but at the moment we’re swamped with a huge number of projects here. However, I’ll log this here as a feature request, and we’ll definitely consider implementing it when we have time.

I was thinking in fact of the 8 individual voices as an overall (eventually individual) option at the moment the pitch detection mode would have been disabled, both features would very likely become conflictual 

With the overall quality and accuracy of this effect unit it promises to give to creative sound designers the opportunity to build some stunning effects

But if i’m honest i’m perhaps asking too much though : I assume it might me a tough challenge to combine simultaneously delay lines keeping on being accurate with tempo synchronization AND a pitch shift effect into feedback loop that won’t create noticeable glitches even with highest feedback level !

tlongabaugh wrote:

As per your second request, it sounds like you want a way to control the delay times in each voice via a keyboard, is that correct? 

Exactly, the purpose being to transpose a ringing frequency half-step by half-step, in accurate correlation with a given harmony, (approaching the modelisation of sympathetic strings, as far as I can figure out how a Karpus-Strong model behaves !)

Then if you allow me, there would options similar to synthesizers like monophonic or polyphonic transposition, portamento, vibrat, etc…as i imagine such a case it would likely deserves a dedicated plugin in where other associated audio effects would mainly become cosmetic options to rehearse the sympathetic drones/resonances

To demonstrate  that statement, i manage to create a few more short demos using (almost) the same midi files, with a few adjustment depending the source instrument , the only major difference is that the effect chains are now on a send/return loop : 

1st two instance of Octavox : the Drones + A Chorus/ensemble preset, on a Rhodes e-piano  (AAS Lounge Lizard ) 


2nd : Octavox drones + Plug N’ Mix Granulizer. on a  Vibraphone (Moddart Pianoteq addon)


3rd : Octavox drones + Logic Pro Phazer, on a Cimbalom (Moddart Pianoteq addon)


4th : Octavox drones + Soundhack ++Pitch Delay, on a Concert Harp (Moddart Pianoteq addon)


5th : Octavox drones + Logic pro Rotor Cabinet, on a Hand drum (Moddart Pianoteq addon)


tlongabaugh wrote:

While that feature isn’t available, as you mentioned you could set multiple ‘Current Snapshots’ on a particular preset to different delay times, and then automate the switch between presets to achieve the effect.

True undoubtely true,…

As far as i could experience the case, a limited numbers of snapshots/presets would match all needs in most cases even working on complex compositions, using many harmony translation , in the case of a single ringing frequency, (as these 8 delay lines with slight differences in delay times shown in the demos) it does not necessarily need to match only the fundamental note of a major scale to induce musical harmonies 

on that respect the only features that might be useful are the ones that helps for musician transition between snapshot like glide/crossfade between them and fades in of added delay lines/fades out of disconnected ones from one to another snapshot 

tlongabaugh wrote:

We’d certainly like to see the collection of presets you’re working on if you’d like to share.

Well, if you’re encouraging me there is an early achieved section of the entire set, (this one dedicated to unisson drones on the entire palette on chromatic half-steps)

but i’m afraid i’ll need an email adress that accept zip files as attached files, this forum does not allow that format !

I’ve also managed on a similar directory to create a set of so to say« rising delays » similar to a reverse reverb effect at some degree and tempo synced, and a few more other focus, i expect for the drones, to explore all variations a set of 8 delay lines can offer (intervals, triad, chords, etc…until entire diatonic scales !) 

A long work to come…

I’ll be glad to have your impressions once you’ll get it !

Alexandre Borcic (Krakatau on kvraudio and other vst forums and alike)