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Brock, thanks for pointing out that feature, I will have to try clearing and re-saving new Hotswitch settings that way. Just so that I am not missing something basic, all you should have to do is: load a particular preset, engage the Hotswitch button, change any knob parameters desired, then click Save and Overwrite Preset, correct? . Is there anything else necesary to lock in new user settings for the Hotswitch in any preset? Is it necessary to clear the factory Hotswitch preset settings from each parameter knob if you haven’t built your preset from scratch with blank settings per your previous suggestion?  In one practical sense though it is just as easy to make a duplicate preset one number up or down from the original, make whatever paramater variations you desire and save, then with one toe tap to a switch you change up or down one preset number to get those changes instead of one toe tap of Hotswitch. As I understand it, the Hotswitch essentially provides an alternate version preset – of the same effect algorithm – within each preset. Thanks again, I would really like to get the Hotswitch functions working reliably and I keep wondering if I am just not getting the programming and saving sequence right.

I also really like ModEchoVerb and have been comparing it with SpaceTime, I will try to work up some good basic example presets to post. There are a lot of great sounds in both these algos, thanks for helping unlock all that potential.