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lordradish wrote:

Bumping, on the hopes that this one just got overlooked by the Eventide folks.

Sorry we didn't respond to your first post.  We've been thinking about this… This request has come up before.  The problem with hiding all of the factory presets is that you might not have any user presets for a particular algorithm, and if you hide all of the factory presets, there won't be anything to load…

We get the problem that you're describing but that might not be the best solution. We've been talking about creating an online preset sharing service, and when we get to that, maybe the thing to do would be to have just one single factory preset and otherwise let people choose what presets they want to download and install.  We could still offer all of the existing factory presets through the service, but when downloaded and installed, they'd become user presets so that you could change them or delete them.