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gkellum wrote:

kenhan wrote:
It’s the latest sw that same with spade time algorithm. So what does hardware problem mean? That I have to pay to get it fixed?

Probably not. If you send an email to support@eventide.com with the serial number of your H9, our support people can tell you for sure.

You double checked the version number of the software though, and you are sure it’s 5.3.0[4]?  If you go into H9 Control with the H9 connected and click on the Settings button in the bottom menu bar, it will show you what software version is installed on your H9 in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


Thanks for the help. It turns out I had 5.3.0[3]. I updated it to get Space Time and did not know there was an update since then. Anyways, after I updated it to 5.3.0[4] it was showing the same problem I described above after a reboot. But after the second reboot it’s showing the right algo now. Thanks again.