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brock wrote:

Just getting to the downloads, bodde.  Nice slant on SpaceTime programming.  Good to see the HotSwitch plus expression pedal mappings utilized. I like how this algorithm gives a real choice between feedback routing configurations.

The presets imported just fine into Window 8.1.  But – for those keeping score – ‘Long Delay Soundscape BT’ duplicated my U3 User preset position, and ‘Thrang 7 AM BT’ duplicated my U12 User preset position.  Of course, they didn’t overwrite my existing U3 + U12 presets; just added cloned slot numbers between my current presets.

1st part: I didn’t use any expression or hotswitch mappings for these presets. Maybe they were there from the preset I started with but they are not intended for these presets?

2nd part: That’s the thing we talked about in another topic. It must be a bug. It doesn’t makes any sense that it remembers the preset number in which the user has saved it. When other users import someones a preset it should import as the next new preset. Hope this issue gets addressed by Eventide.