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Alvaro Campo
jeremiahzellers wrote:


I cannot get my expression pedal settings to save. I have a Timefactor (and space and modfactor) and the Ernie Ball VP JR 25K pedal as recommended. 

I'm am trying to control the Timefactor. The pedal works great and the Timefactor registers it fine, but i have followed the instructions on the youtube video for creating your own settings and it does not work.  For example:

Preset 1:1… default expression pedal settings are as follows: Heel position down= Feedback 0                                                                                                                   Heel Position Up = Feed back 100

This is for both Delay A and B.  I tried to change Feedback from 0-100 to a range of 25-75 and it just reverts back to 0-100 as soon as I move the pedal. It will not deviate from the default settings. I have tried changing both delay A and B and whatever I do, when i rock the pedal back and forth it still goes from 0-100 Feedback.

Any suggestions?