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So, I have spent some more time testing the Hotswitch feature again on a variety of presets and it just does not seem to work reliably if at all. Also, numerous other users have posted here and on other forums that saving new Hotswitch settings just does not work reliably if at all.

Brock, GKellum, anyone in the know, would you please help disect this and let me know if I am completely missing something regarding saving new Hotswitch settings.

If you would prefer me to start another thread devoted to this topic let me knmow or if GKellum could post a new thread to clarify the whole Hotswitch issue that would be great, since he seems to be the lead staffer on H9 Control development.

I have tried repeatedly to save new parameter settings to knobs already assigned to Hotswitch functions but they just do not save, the setting immediately reverts to the original setting when the Hotswitch is engaged. I do not find any commands to assign new Hotswitch funtion to parameter knobs not already assigned to a Factory Preset of any given algorithm. So, please confirm:

1. What is the correct procedure to simply take a Factory Preset that already has one or more parameter knobs mapped to the Hotswitch, save it as a User Preset, and then modify the parameter settings of the knob(s) mapped to the Hotswitch and then save correctly so that those new Hotswitch parameter settings are locked in?

2. How to assign new Hotswitch function to parameter knobs not already mapped to Hotswitch in any given Preset. There should simply be “MAP TO HOTSWITCH” function by double clicking on any parameter knob just like “MAP/UNMAP TO EXP PEDAL”, MAP TO X Y Z SWITCH, etc. A simple MAP TO HOTSWITCH function, which is the only thing that makes any logical sense, seems to be completely missing. If this has not already been addressed let us please add it immediately to the H9 Control Development To Do List.


The only factory instruction I have ever found is this:

“To start programming the HotSwitch patch on Space and H9 algorithms, long press the HotSwitch button until it starts flashing to indicate that it is in programming mode. Then, you can move the rotary knobs to the position you would like them to be in when the HotSwitch is activated. When you are done programming your changes to the HotSwitch patch, you can stop programming by pressing the HotSwitch again. To trigger the HotSwitch, you can press the HotSwitch in the app, attach an aux switch to the H9, or use MIDI.”

There are no clear instructions as to which or if all parameter knobs can be mapped to Hotswitch, exactly what sequence of mouse clicks within H9 Control will correctly save new Hotswitch settings to already mapped knobs, nor how to create new Hotswitch mapping to presently unassigned knobs. 

As examples, I have created a Preset List of all SpaceTime algorithm factory presets which have one or more knobs mapped to the Hotswitch function, indicating the parameters mapped in the preset titles, i.e.: HS Dly A = Hotswitch mapped to Dly A knob, etc. Please feel free to alter the Hotswitch settings of already mapped knobs on one or more of these presets and repost them here as examples and explain how you saved the new settings. Thank you, this should be invaluable to all H9 and users.