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importuk wrote:

If I  pay 5k plus on a pro  outboar box  would reasonably expect it to connect to the industry standar OSX, and 10 years ago Mac osx had an equal strangle hold in the pro arena, ( not talking peoples bedrooms, but not too many 5-6k bits of kit in peoples bedrooms)  Not using bad language in a public forum, but as an avid rowing fan…

this is absolute (rhymes with rowlocks) 

Wade M

Actually it does connect to OSX, or any other computer via MIDI, serial, AES, analog audio, etc.  99% of the users will never want to invest the time and energy to create new presets using VSig or any other tool.  They are focused on using the product with it’s 1500+ presets to make music/dialog/fx/etc.  Most can find a preset close to what is needed, edit it, and move on. 

For the handful of people willing to sit down with VSig and go through the process of creating a preset from scratch, investing in a separate (cheap) dedicated computer to do so would seem prudent.  In addition, for a relatively small compnay like Eventide, hiring the necessary staff with expertise in Mac development, Windows, and the Eventide/VSig world would not be cheap and would likely add to the overall cost of the product.

This topic (and others related to VSig) have been beaten to death on various forums and the bottom line is – it is what it is, so adapt and move on, Eventide isn’t going to do anything about it.