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So, how does this apply to programming Hotswitch mappings from within H9 Control? How does one “long-press” the Hotswitch within H9 Control? This begs my question, does an H9 unit need to be connected via Bluetooth or USB and have the Hotswitch engaged on the unit or can the Hotswitch mappings be programmed to a Preset in H9 Control regardless of an h9 unit being connected and then loaded from H9 Control? Why wouldn’t H9 Control lock in and store any Hotswitch mapping changes to any Preset and then load them to any H9 as part of a Preset List? Perhaps most importantly, how to create new Hotswitch mappings to parameter knobs previously unmapped in existing presets? Shouldn’t it be as simple as double clicking on a parameter knob and selecting MAP TO HOTSWITCH, just exactly the same as MAP/UNMAP TO EXP PEDAL or MAP TO X Y Z SWITCH? The function to assign new Hotswitch mappings seems to be completely missing.