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Michelle911 wrote:

yeah, actually all I'm doing is trying to load the preset.  not trying to change it or save it any way.  simply clicking on it throws the error.

Hm. After you see this error message, can you continue working?  Does just clicking on the same or another preset cause it to load successfully on the H9?  Or do you need to restart your H9 and the app?

Michelle911 wrote:

as to the child windows and the crashing… sorry I wasn't clear, yes, I'm on Win764bit, it's only crashing as a direct result of ME trying to move them to the monitor in front of my guitar rig.  I've written an autoit script that simply waits for the windows to appear then it moves them to the monitor I need them on.  works, except for the store windows.  it makes control crash.

as I seem to maybe be trying to re-invent the wheel I should ask, is there a better way to assign h9 control to whatever monitor I need it on?

We've never had this request come up before. I think the reason you are having trouble with the store Window is that it keeps changing its title to show the URL of what it's connected to.  But I suppose it's not really necessary for it to do that.  It could just show PayPal or something like that.  Maybe, then you'd be able to use your script to move it?  Or maybe it would crash still?  Hard to say without trying…