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gkellum wrote:

sunfalls wrote:

curious, what, if anything, have you discovered about this. i presume some digging is going on, as you stated- “we believe” the installation process caused it”.

just looking for insights, any answers.. simply becuase my install went smooth as silk.

Well, we’re trying to reproduce the problem at Eventide.  This problem has popped up with a small number of Factor pedals.  It’s not anything as simple as the software being corrupted or it being downloaded incorrectly, because we already have guards in place against those problems.  If we’re lucky enough to be able to reproduce it, then we should be able to figure out what’s causing it, but we didn’t have any luck doing so last week.

are you testing your “reproducing process” on Space pedals too., cuz thats the issue here as well. something about how it erased the internal serial # seems to be tantamount.