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In my case, I’m using preset # 19 as my looper. with CC 20, 21, and 23 = REC, PLAY and STOP.  I go in and unassign any other CCs in the pedal so theres no confusion. I have CLKIN turned on and have the pedal accepting MIDI IN on channel 8.

First I make a clip that switches to preset 19: In the clip settings on the bottom left, I type “19” into the “pgm” box.

Then a make another clip that will start recording: bottom left, hit “envelope” to expand the box and under midi cc go to 20. I make the value of this clip between 64 – 127 so it will activate the CC. (im not 100% I need to do this, but it makes sense) [see attached pic]

Then I do this same thing with PLAY and STOP.

Thow a beat under it so you can hear if its in sync.

That should be it. This works relatively well with the older firmware (occasional slightly out of sync). the update just screws up ALL the time. and the same thing with the H9 looper.