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Michelle911 wrote:

no,  definitely not connected at the same time

Hm. H9 Control is likely still searching for the H9 over MIDI and that might be bogging things up.  If you click on the Settings button in H9 Controls menu bar and go to 'Reset Settings', clicking the 'Reset All Settings' button will make H9 Control forget the MIDI port it was looking for the H9 on.

The only other things it could be are the obvious humdrum problems: bad USB cable or the computer is not picking up the fact that something's been connected to the USB port…  I sometimes have to plug and unplug stuff to my laptop 3 – 4 times…  That just started a year ago or so…  Somethings not quite right anymore…  It can be helpful to take a look at the Device Settings screen to check if the H9 is showing up there as an USB Audio Device…