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Ok, I should have tried that.  ‘Reset Settings’ allows me back in H9 control again without the communication error, with the new added weirdness that H9 control doesn’t display the pedal name anymore (lol not a biggie I guess but I fiddled with that for some time, it’s gone back to showing the serial number even tho the name is correct in the settings AND the name is gone when I go back to midi too).  BUT more importantly, and unfortunately, my midi devices still won’t connect to H9.  Yes, H9 is showing up in device manager…  and there’s no unknown devices or anything like that.  I also keep track of unplugged USB devices and make sure there’s no duplicates in hidden devices… and I’ve tried swapping USB cables too.  I’m not plugging H9 into a USB hub or anything, it goes straight to the motherboard….  I’ve checked/tested all my midi devices in MidiOx just to make sure everything’s plugged and sending midi, and I’ve never had any issues in my DAW or standalones.  Not sure what next… but my USB isolator should be here tomorrow according to tracking, so there’s that at least 🙂