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TLongabaugh wrote:

Hi n13L5-

Thanks for the suggestion! While I agree that this can definitely be a big headache to deal with, I unfortunately don’t really see us making something like this down the line. However, a quick google search for “Windows audio compressor/limiter” shows that there are already some solutions out there, so I’d recommend checking those out 🙂




I have done numerous google searches for this, and after seeing your reply, I repeated the search with your exact terms:

The results I get are mostly people talking about wanting one on various forums, but nothing that actually works – there’s one that requires you to infest your computer with the security hole that is Java, another is Mono, and the most promising one I ever saw does not run on Windows 8 or later.


Now I can fully appreciate if Eventide has better projects cooking.  But if you really did find something that works, I would much appreciate a link to it, because, as we know, google results are different for every geographic location and even differ from person to person in the same house.  Most of the hits are just people on forums, talking about it but not finding anything.