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thanks for the reply….I actually figured out just what you said to do a few days ago……and I got the same issue….when the H9 goes inactive, the GCP light is on so I need  to get those reversed so I am gonna work on that.  I dont think what I was actaully trying to do is possible….I was hoping to have the H9 have say…reverb and delay on in the same algorythym and then use an instant access button to kick off the H9 reverb and yet keep the delay on within the same algorythym…it does not appear to be possibe.  It is on my TC G Major 2 so guess I will have to keep that in the  rack  for now(or buy more H9s I guess but I was hoping that one H9 could do it all.  It appears that is not the case but its still a damn good sounding pedal…the intelligent pitch  shifiting buries my TC….anyway…thanks a ton and have a good day!