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Youre welcome… by investigating the few others plugin i’ve purchased from your company, i realise that all of them can do some interestings drones with each, their own colour

For instance :

– Ultrareverb has a lot of possible variations by combining delay lines as drones, conventional reverbs and it modulation, the bunch of EQ controls at each stages and the compressor, the drones staying mainly before the reverb in the process chain

Ultrachannel with the possibility to include another effet of the channel strip inside the feedback loop

Band delays has, apart from the chromatically controlled filters, some effective modulation possibilities

etc… So very early this morning i managed to create similar drones with each of these plugins, alwas on the same purpose to be played as sympathetic resonances on C ionian mode

It should possible, as i did for Octavox, to fill the entire chromatic scales with it dedicated drones and a few variations (especially the reverb unit), …except for blackhole because the tuning is purely done in an intuitive way and the delay time increment is less detailed than the other products

I hope its not getting like invading this topic, but i though it made sense to show that it is posisble to dedicated all these plugins as sympathetic drones, in unisson at the least, in intervals at the best (not shown here yet) …all the interest was to adjust the other unit inside the process chain before or after these drones for modulations and variations at they all offer as you might experience if you wish, many possible nuances for a same effect


Just enjoy !