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dedeman wrote:

But the dongle works just fine with other devices such speakers or phone… And is back compatible with BT 2.x. I was hoping to use it with H9 as well, since they are paired and the connection occupy a valid COM port… Eventide? Any suggestion?…

We created an FAQ with a list of Bluetooth dongles that we or other users have had success using on Windows:


There's any number of reasons why a Bluetooth dongle might not work. It might not support the Bluetooth 2.1 protocol.  There are competing Bluetooth drivers out there.  There's a Microsoft Bluetooth implementation, an older WIDCOMM implementation, and some vendor specific implementations, and a particular dongle might have problems if it is set-up to use one driver instead of another.  People have in the past been able to deal with this sort of problem by uninstalling one of the competing drivers.  People also sometimes run into driver version issues, and sometimes are able to solve problems by updating to the latest driver set for their device. There sorts of problems are time consuming, and they have taken other users weeks to work out and sometimes people never work them out. And for this reason we recommend that people use a Bluetooth dongle that other users have had success using.