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Thanks for your answer!

These are great news smiley

It would be really great if you indeed could provide the data sheets.

“Archaeological task”

Yes but isn’t the H3000 a dinosaur?

Now forgive me but your answer leads me to another question.

Further studying the Programming Worksheets I noticed that the algorithm “Reverse Shift” and “Layered Shift” have also modules that are all contained also in the plugin.

I also noticed that you could also reproduce presets from the algorithm “Layered Shift” (#231 Micropitchshift, #325 Magic)

and from the algorithm “Multi Shift” (#521 Micropitch Slap).

May I then assume that these three further algorithm could be reproduced with the modules included in the plugin?

If yes, may I again ask if you could extend your acheological search to the Data Sheets for these algorithms too? wink

Best regards