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OK looks like I’m on my own here.

In any case upon further experimentation I have deduced that the bluetooth in my ipad (ipad mini 2) is not suitable for the h9. It does most functions fine, and as far as I know, before the last updates, stored the preset lists OK from my original h9. It works fine with the new core that I just bought (with the same updates). When I tried to connect both units via bluetooth I got a message saying that this function was not supported by my device (ipad).

Both h9s connect via bluetooth to my lenovo PC and function properly in all respects.

It is still curious to me that the new core works fine with my ipad, but my old original h9 does not. (The serial number begins with 01…)

So I’ll just use my lenovo for preset lists. I understand that some of the main issues adressed by apple in the 3rd generation ipads was to beef up the wifi and related stuff, so if you have a 3rd gen or better you might be OK.

Play on……gt